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Leader Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Leader's Core Value:
Rights and Wrongs – Users are always right while we need to constantly improve ourselves.
Development Concept – Entrepreneurship and innovation spirits
Interests Concept – Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination
Rights and Wrongs Sense of “Users Are Always Right, While We Need to Improve Ourselves” Is the Driving Force for Leader to Create Values for Users.
According to Leader’s employees, users are always right; therefore, they not only try their best to meet users’ requirements, but also create various choices for users; Leader’s employees think that they need to constantly improve themselves because only in this way can they constantly deny, challenge and transcend themselves to realize achievement by establishing innovation out of change.
The two form the inherent genetic characteristics of Leader’s sustainable development: Remain in case of world changes and keep in pace with the social development.
Besides the two spirits (entrepreneurship and innovation spirits) of Leader employees, the gene helps Leader to form the core capacity characteristics to maintain competitive advantage in the changeable market: The more drastic the world changes, the faster the speed of users’ variation; thus the more permanent the inheritance will be.
Two Spirits (entrepreneurship and innovation spirits) Is the Gene for Leader’s Unchangeable Culture.
Leader’s unchangeable concept gene not only guides every employee’s development, but also restrains their value. The concept gene of “Customers are always right while we need to constantly improve ourselves” demands that each employee should have the two spirits of entrepreneurship and innovation.
The spirit of doing pioneering work is entrepreneurship; Leader encourages each employee to have entrepreneurship; change from being managed into independent management and becomes the CEO of their own.
The essence of innovation is to create new value. And the creation of new value originates from creating new users.
The Interest Concept of Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination Provides Guarantee for Leader’s Sustainable Development
Leader concerns the interests of all stakeholders including employees, users, and stockholders. In the Internet era, only the organizations composed of Leader, users, and shareholders become many COIs. In order to fulfill this objective, Leader constantly creates business model innovations, thus gradually forms and perfects Win-win Model of Individual-Goal Combination full of Leader characteristics, “Individual” refers to the employees with two spirits of entrepreneurship and innovation; “Goal” is users’ value. Each employee creates value for users in different ZZJYT to fulfill their own values. As a result, the value of the enterprise and stockholders are naturally fulfilled.
Each employee establishes a goal with users by joining ZZJYT and signing a contract with users from being managed to independent management and from being operated to independent operation, which is to release humanity to the largest extent.
The ZZJYT featured by Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination provides resources and mechanism guarantee for each employee to carry our two spirits of entrepreneurship and innovation and makes each employee actively and independently create innovations to realize achievement by establishing changeability in changeability.
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Mrs. Dory
  • R551, Leader International Building, No. 61, Pingdu Road, Shandong, China
  • Tel:86-0531-83161306
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